About Us

The Triangle Wagner Society began in 2016, when several Wagner lovers pooled their knowledge and talents to create an organization in North Carolina that would allow us to enhance our understanding of and insight into Wagner’s music. Our first programs were a grand success. As we continue to grow, we will expand our offerings to include lectures, live performances and informal social gatherings. With all opera, particularly the works of Richard Wagner, the more we know the more we enjoy. Join us!


Board of Directors

  • Margie Satinsky, President
  • Jane Lynch, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Bob Chapman
  • Virginia Clark
  • Martha Dimes
  • Ken Hoover
  • Tom Kunz
  • Richard Sarles, MD

Thanks to our Generous Supporters and Sponsors

  • Virginia Anthony
  • Glenn Barefoot
  • Jeffrey Buller
  • Herbert Davis
  • Donna and Richard Falvo
  • Lois Flaherty
  • Nancy and Phil Hablutzel
  • Bill Hampton
  • Richard Hill
  • Jim Holman
  • Ken Hoover
  • Myra Kornbluth
  • Tom Kunz
  • Larry Lisle
  • Jane Lynch
  • Cindy and Andy Paley
  • Stephen Prystowsky, MD
  • Lorraine Robinson
  • Harry Rosenberg
  • Dick Sarles, MD
  • Margie Satinsky
  • Steve and Ardene Schafer
  • Nancy Vanhoenecker
  • Harold and Kitty Wiebusch

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