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Lecture – So viel der Helden: Wagner Invents a Tenor by Nick Malinowski

October 28, 2018, Sunday 2pm

Nick Malinowski, Executive Director of KidzNotes and former Director of Education for the Seattle Opera, will present So viel der Helden: Wagner Invents a Tenor.

Venue: Private home in Chapel Hill
Cost: Free for TWS members and $25/guest
Sponsors: Cindy and Andy Palay and Bill Hampton

Lecture – Wagner and Religion: Salvation and Redemption

April 14, 2019, Sunday 2pm

James Holman, Chairman, The Wagner Society of Washington DC, lectures on Wagner and Religion: Salvation and Redemption.

Venue: The Forest at Duke, 2701 Pickett Road, Durham, NC 27705
Cost: TBD
Sponsors: Nancy and Phil Hablutzel

Lecture – Will Berger on The Ring Cycle

June 9, 2019, Sunday

Will Berger, producer and author, lectures on The Ring Cycle.

Venue: SearStone, 17001 SearStone Drive, Cary, NC 27513
Cost: TBD
Sponsor: Steve Prystowsky, MD

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